Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hope springs eternal...

... for my deck garden, thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

I've been so proud of my meagre but hardy garden. This motley assortment of veggies and herbs have suffered wild winds and lack of sunshine.

Notice that pretty tomato in the right corner of the above photo (her name is Betty). Violent winds snapped her stem last night and Betty has not lived to tell the tale (see sad photo of her wilted corpse below).

I told our sad tale to a kind employee at our local garden centre. They did not have an exact replacement, as Betty was bought on sale for 99 cents. Our choice was limited to a tiny 5-inch plant or a solid flowering tomato that was more expensive than we were eager to pay. After hearing our story and taking pity on us, we were generously given this rugged and much more solid-looking beauty:

Her name is Penny, and isn't she gorgeous! Look that those sweet flowers, that will hopefully bear tasty fruit! Thank you stranger for this simple kindness and for renewing my hope for a bountiful garden.
There is so much goodness in the world and much to be thankful for. What small act of kindness have you recently given or received?


  1. Just had to post one more comment about how pleased I am to see your new baby Penny.
    A kind man helped me to reach an object at the Cdn. Tire Store...really made my day!
    I am helping to plant a tree as a memorial for a friend whose husband passed away in the Spring. Something small but to me really important.

  2. How true that it is the small things that can make all the difference.